Saturday, March 14, 2009


Almost a year to the day I find myself yet again going to a place that brings me happiness yet sadness. As you recall I visited Cleveland Ga last April during a quick trip through to visit a few special places. It turned out that even after all this time it still hurt to go to the places that i spent with her 6 years ago. (Read the above link if you need a refresher on this.) Well, I have a wedding to shoot just up the road on the 4th of April. Guess where I will be staying the night before? Yes..Cleveland Ga.. Right down the road from the school where she works, lives, etc etc..I have to be in Alabama the day before and then literally cut across the state of Georgia to shoot the wedding site before sunset the day for the wedding. So in a way I dread being there again and in a way not, but this time its something I will face. There is something I need to do that I didn't do while at that small wooden bridge mentioned in the earlier blog. It will be done this time. I cant go on forever like this. Lets bring this to a close once and for all. No, I wont be contacting her or anyone while I am there. I will admit that I had thought about it, but it would reopen up things better left alone. Contact would do my nothing for me but make me relive everything all over again and it would be unfair to her and disrespectful to her husband. Don't want to go there again. So having said all this I get a chance at some personal redemption, another chance to put everything into perspective, see it for what it was and look to see how far I have come over the years..

Sounds convincing?..... Trying to believe it myself...It has been a trial by fire. The balance is back and I feel ok although a little nervous, nothing like last April. The open road calls beyond this point in my life and I will heed the call and move on..

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