Monday, December 19, 2016

...which way now.

....the heart wants so badly to go home, to return to a familiar place and find its solace. Sadly it is already there and nothing seems as it should be.  I have lost my compass, my bearing, my way home.
Running from a life of failure and hurt into the openness of a beautiful empty desolation it seemed. Slowly it consumes, little by little leaving the mind and heart numb to everything around. A gentle but brutally cold captivity of oneself. Running far from home, from everything that remind me of my life. Every failure every disappointment. All in the name of the search of solace and solitude. Time still passes, pitying the lost and forgotten who have taken such a journey thinking its whats best.
Searching for my true north and have no idea which way to go.

....which way now?

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