Monday, November 21, 2016

...for now it seems.

..tears that slowly fall from tightly closed eyes and heart. Fighting a losing battle to keep the inside from escaping. Memories flood my weary heart. Mourn for wasted love, wasted effort, still knowing that time moves forward time will heal all. The taste of a bittersweet romance. Once again trying to forge a future with memories of the past. Remembering when and where still wanting to return to the moment time stood still and there was no other but me staring in awe and wonder. A gift for me and me only. Now mile after mile pulls me further away. Lost in the moment, lost in the discovery of what may or may not lie ahead. And now? Making the same mistakes again hoping for a different outcome each time and still paying the same price. Seeing something that wasn't there and trying to chase a memory. Think I would learn by now. 

Reality... Cold , hard, uncaring. Trying to find what changed within me and why I cant just let go of so much and just walk away. Knowing who the author of this confusion and pain is matters not, as the damage is done and runs deep. Pure evil has many faces it seems and I say this looking in the mirror.

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