Monday, February 14, 2011

...echoes of the past.

.....repeating past mistakes? Falling again or forgetting again? Wanting something so much that caution is thrown to the wind? Fighting for or forgetting all? Voices inside speak of loves lost, loves found, heartache and joy unspeakable. Everything begins to blur together and clarity is lost. Why this turmoil inside. Wanting something to much?...Pressing forward before it's due time? Uncertainty begets doubt so easily. Silence is so deafening as it is I that I find losing my voice, strength and feel out of place in some unknown way. Pondering things to deeply that amount to nothing more than ghosts of my own past. Much commotion over nothing? Guess that remains to be seen. Fallen? Yes, but not to far that I cant get up and move forward. Senses unbalanced on expectations. Need to clear the mind once again. The expected is no more and I find myself still, quiet and listening to...

echoes of the past.

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