Monday, February 14, 2011

....caution..random thoughts ahead.

I never saw the signs, the last to know when love is blind. Dreams shared, scared, lost as well as found. Nothing is the same as all changes daily. Solid ground not feeling solid on the inside. A bitter thought that I had it all but I just let it go, let it slip away. You showed me dreams, I wished they turn into real but then again its I that is the dreamer. Reality or
dream? All is naught. Another chance makes nothing easier, hindsight is always perfect? Not always. Easier to make the same mistakes , same missteps. Random thoughts pour forth. so many meanings, events, let it go, let it flow. Wishing for so many different outcomes and still the desired one remains elusive even now, until this day. Maybe best for now. Pain isn't so bad when its what your accustomed too. Almost a relief in some ways as it lets you know you are still alive, at least for the most part. Games played once to often, led by a smile and my own desire to bring the search to an end. Sometimes the heart cant be trusted. Two is better than one as long as two are trying. Pacing myself but wondering why I am in the running again. Stolen dreams always are taken from you, not yours to possess. ------------------------------------------------------------- Nice guys always finish last (note to self) don't enter the race to begin with.
Soon.... A wayfarers journey begins again.

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