Sunday, February 13, 2011

.....walls. times of doubt the heart has always forged ahead, many times to its own hurt. The mind eventually finds it, waiting for the eventual scolding that it knows is coming. Lessons learned?...Sometimes...Willing to give up? Almost, but never does for one reason or another. The one thing that's kept the will there to venture on is that it has always been a wayfarer's heart. Always wanting to know whats around the next curve, over the next hill. Ah, the joy of discovery. Having found this in another lifetime it seeks to find it in this life. To have and hold as mine, still as I sit here tonight its not my choice to make and I find no fault but in myself. Fight harder seems the only answer but then again I have no weapons as the walls are high and seem impenetrable...A weakness is somewhere to be found. Day by day I have returned to the wall, placed a hand against the cold stone and felt the subtle warmth from the other side. How do I fight ghosts? The doubts, the fears of the hurt that is before me. The rain is colder on a warm heart. Somehow this feels like a comfort than anything else. I stand outside....


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