Saturday, August 21, 2010

...where are you ?

Slowly feeling the tide change, not so much of a current to fight against for now. The memory of that which is waited upon every year and prized so highly in my life. Solitude for the mind and heart soon to be released to roam on the open road. A solace of sorts found on the back roads and places hidden from the masses. These special places and locations, some secret some hidden in plain sight but all are mine for the taking and for the rejuvenation of my spirit. Memories are coming back to play and this once I will indulge in whims of "what was" and what I wish were so again. Somehow I feel driven that my answer is somewhere along the roads I travel, searching for the unknown, yet known and also lost. And yet every year I return empty handed but the mind somehow found peace and strength to continue on for another year. Maybe the heart just wants to venture out again, to look and reaffirm that what its searching for isn't there, hoping to put to rest the fears that what it seeks hasn't passed it by. Year after year it has returned to search and hope to find and year after year its cry still remains silent, and deep........ day the journey of this wayfarer will come to an end...

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