Sunday, August 15, 2010

stolen waters...

...another week starting and I am tired to my core. Tonight I am in my own bed and it feels nice. Being on the road for almost a week at a time and also working my 24 hour shift is wearing me into the ground but I have only one last trip to finish up portrait work for my company. This last location is going to be in a very scenic location, but after shooting employee pics all day I am too tired to really wanna do anything. Order something to go from whatever restaurant and then go back to my room and slowly dissolve into whatever state of sleep I can find. So goes life on the road. Once I found a certain solace in keeping my mind busy. Busy mind had less time to think about things, but now seems everything has caught up with me. In more ways than one...

Tonight no fancy eloquent tapestry of words, just plain speak.. You have been warned..

Temptation comes in all shapes and sizes..Mine seems to be in the form of brunettes, blondes and even a red head..Ah why would this be a problem you might ask? Well it is the fact that they are all married. Yes, spoken for, betrothed, hitched to another wagon, tied to the porch, etc etc..Final word... "they ain't single no more". I had blogged about this a few entries earlier, putting a more eloquent touch to it all. But now I am even more amazed by whats going on. The bottom line is that its not right. You made a vow you need to live up to them, if not leave. But here lies the crux of the matter. A man or woman will not leave the security of a "marriage" regardless. It's far easier to have a fling and get your "fix" and then run back to the safety and security of a house, family etc. Where does this leave the other person? What if the other person doesn't want to share, or falls in love? That person is on the outside and will remain so , left in the cold. As a person you are worth more than a quick dally across the fence to taste stolen water. If things arent good, work on your marriage, if it cant be fixed then do what you have to do, but don't drag another person into this..

I am worth a lot more than that.

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