Thursday, May 20, 2010

it is me..

Tonight the words will not come as easily as I would have them come. Learning daily that a sunny day can end in rain. Trying to see the beauty in the this tempest that follows me wherever I go. I am outmatched, outgunned and outnumbered in this life. Tracing my mistakes as far back as I can remember, to where I came from, to who has passed through my life, lessons learned and time lost. there was a time that I learned as much as the heart could hold but 10 years later nothing is the same and I am not recognizing the man in the mirror. I am not the person I once was and so tonight an epiphany of sorts...the one constant in my life was "me." Tonight the problem is all to easy to see. There can be no forward movement in my life until I fix that which is broken and I have not the skill for the job. But I know who does.. is me Lord. It is i that stands in need..

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