Wednesday, April 28, 2010

freedom... close again and then slowly pushed away. Please go on with your life. You don't need me and probably never did really. I am sure I served a purpose, some reason in your world and I tried to make my world fit around you. But it takes two and that will never be. I am untying my life from you. I should have never been here or put myself in this position to begin with. Yet I did and for what? What have I to show for it. You say I deserve better and now I agree, I do deserve better. I am tired of being sorry for everything that wasn't right. Tired of being helpless and allowing myself to be the vulnerable. Tired of being lonely in my own dream. Sometimes lessons have to be learned more than once. Time will be my friend for once in all this. Bitterness in the end indeed, but at myself as I let my wants and wishes override that which was right and for the best. You made your choice before and now the choice is once again evident.

So maybe I am the winner after all..

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