Tuesday, November 24, 2009

you...yeah you.

Lots of things to think about over the last few months. Single life continues to roll along and sometimes I wonder about me. I think I will wind up the old single guy with a yard full of dogs, yelling at small kids to keep out of my yard...LOL! Nah...but its an amusing thought though. Concerning my last entry I seemed bitter and I was. It was sort of a message to a few select people that have graced my life. I have a theory now that if a woman is to find her true love she must date me first. Laugh if you want to, but it seems people I have dated seem to find true love shortly thereafter. A curse? I wonder if it is. But tonight my mind is tired as I have been on the road doing photo work for my company. Home long enough to work my 24 ems shift, then hit the road again for two days. This has been my life for almost two months. Plenty of time to think and ponder my future. I swear its gonna be a "Lifetime movie" one day.

...but for now it must be as I speak to you and your voice eases my mind as the miles pass. Coy laughter on the other end, knowing what is and what will never be, yet you linger deep inside me. Long ago my life consisted of looking at you from day to day and then the one day you changed, never looking the same to me. We never know when love truly begins, but that day I feel I came oh so close to proving the saying wrong. Summer evening as the lights slowly fade and the sun gives way to twilight, I held you...I held you knowing from the beginning another would take my place. Even with this knowledge I indulged my senses deep in your embrace and your kiss. Taking in all of you that I could. To this day I still remember everything, regretting nothing. For a moment in time I had found what I searched for...

...maybe one day I will be allowed to rediscover that which I lost, that which remains elusive, that special someone. Until that day comes there is only you ....you. Your memory lets me know it can happen when you least expect it...To this thought I hold on tightly.

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