Thursday, November 26, 2009


Sitting here tonight, on the road once again with company photography work, my thoughts come to play.

If given the chance to start over where no one knew you or your past would you take it? I had this chance two years ago. No debt, no baggage to hold me in one place. I was on a photo road trip up in the mountains and the thought come to me that I could just disappear and start over. I realize problems follow you wherever you go and that you cant run from them. This isn't what I was trying to do, just start over, new friends, new place, no memories to face everyday. I chose not too and from time to time I feel regret.
My thoughts of late run from the thought of having someone to complete me, to I feel complete and just want that special someone to share everything with, to dating really stinks why bother. I think I have all the bases covered eh?....

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