Thursday, December 3, 2009

why do we do it..

Speaking to you today was so bittersweet. Memories danced across my mind as your voice teased my senses. That one day when I held you and time seemed to fast forward, the afternoon racing by and eveningfall enveloped us by the river. Had I know this would be the last time for me to hold you I would have never let you go. Choices made in the pursuit of happiness and finality sets all into place. The only thing between you and I now is a band of gold and it wasn't I that had the honor of placing it there. Nor will it be I to remove it. Eyes looking at me looking for an answer, looking for a choice not made, chance not taken long ago. Eyes that still say everything I want to hear but will never. Just to see it is enough to let me know that love still exists. So why do we do it. The feeling that someone still cares, something familiar that feels safe. We do it because its the only thing we have left and will allow..We do it because a long time ago a connection was made and still remains. A line in the sand so close but so far to cross..To look at what you have always wanted, to have, touched, tasted, embraced...The mind and heart know the outcome and tears once again travel familiar paths as I walk away...knowing why.

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