Wednesday, October 7, 2009


In the dating world you date people you hardly know or may have known for some time. People come and go through our lives for reasons we may be aware of or may never know. In all this you will be hurt from time to time by the other person. I say again its part of it. Sucks, but its part of it. I have been down this "dating after divorce road" twice in my life. Don't claim to be a expert on dating or the opposite sex, but one thing I do know is this "Treat people with kindness as you will reap what you sow". Tonight I sit here hurt. Why? Let me lay it out for you and her to read tonight shall we?

A friend and I began dating right after her divorce. I broke a rule in doing this. A person needs time to heal, part of the process. But she was incredibly beautiful so I decided to "bend it" somewhat. We dated for a couple months, she was a wonderful person. After a while we decided to ease up and just be friends. Mutual agreement and no hard feelings. Recently I was needing something and couldn't get in touch with her. No phone calls answered or texts answered..Couple of days pass by..Its easy to spot as I knew she probably was seeing someone. Hey, no problem, its something a person needs to do to get back in the world and move on.. The hurt in all this? People tend not to answer phone calls, return messages or texts when they begin to see another person. They say "Well I didn't want to hurt you" Well angel by ignoring a friend and refusing to talk to me, treating me as if we never shared anything and as if we hardly knew each other, THAT'S WHAT HURTS. The fact you had a photo project of mine held up for 4 frekkin days past my deadline and wouldn't return calls to let me know what was going on or if I needed to find someone else to help me!... I have always hated when people try and hide. Sheesh! We are adults not a couple 10 year olds here!

Why didn't you just tell me? I am a big boy I can handle it. Not my first rodeo hon. Don't care if you see anybody, its none of my business. It just hurt because at one time I cared....It hurt because I stood by you and took up for you as a friend....It hurts because for a moment in a friends life I didn't matter anymore. The road is open before you hon...and its a lonely one..

Good luck.

(This was the revised "nice version")

(Update on this post) "Although this posting was written out of hurt and directed at a single person for the most part, its ironic how quickly a foot or two (mine) goes into a mouth (mine again) before all the facts are known. So I have had to go back and apologize, humbly ask for help. Realizing that I had to have her help, no way around it. Did I feel stupid? Yep. Here I preach on being nice and then spouted before knowing everything..This person was nice enough to help me even now as I eat crow after removing both feet from my mouth." Thank you "D"

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