Tuesday, October 6, 2009

roar of silence..

Deeper into something I cant see, touch, only feel and its sucking the life out of me. Normally I bounce back and things slide off my back and life goes on. Now nothing seems right. Most of the time when I get like this a road trip is needed and I can get away and return refreshed, but now that not possible. To much going on and I cant let loose to do it. To be honest I don't think it would help or make a difference right now. I readjust, trying to get a better handle on current events in my life yet nothing seems comfortable and things are looking less and less familiar. This is getting weird. Never been in a place like this before and it is very unsettling. Wrong choices made? Paths not taken when offered, love not returned, unfaithfulness, its all the same. So what brought me here? Does it really matter which roads were taken as they all may have all led to this place anyway. Well lucky me.

Now where do I sign out at..

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