Thursday, September 3, 2009


Had to get out of the house today. Was hoping to shoot a few pics on the back roads but seemed every gnat in Georgia had the idea to be out as well. So i do what i love to do..I just rode slowly down the dirt roads, thinking, listening to the wind blow through the truck. Trying to figure out this funk I have settled into. that funk being "I am not looking for anyone and don't really care about finding anyone." Now for the newsflash, this isn't like me... I don't mind dating, never have. So when everything inside suddenly shut down so to speak, I was not slightly perplexed about it. I have always been an outgoing person. Dating or meeting people has never been an issue. I have taken a break from time to time, but now I find myself withdrawing, wanting to be alone, almost going into a slow spiral of sorts. What in the world is going on? I remember when being happy and being single was something I was seeking, but now it seems everything has screeching to a halt and I had no say so in the matter this time.

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