Tuesday, September 1, 2009

lonely road..

Sometimes you break a rule. It happens. After its done there are consequences for breaking it. At the time we are willing to forgo listening to common sense and convince ourselves its going to be ok that we can handle it. Then the piper must be paid and into the heart he reaches for payment. I knew better... I simply knew better and knew the end result. Yet here I am , again, alone. I don't fault you at all. I told you that it would come to this and you would have to move on. Its part of healing. But words fall on deaf ears when the heart assumes it knows whats best. We ignored the rule and refused to heed the warning and the price has now been paid in full.... So no what?  For you, a beginning of a new life time of healing and rebuilding. As for me? A time to regain my footing, get my bearings and continue onward...It is a lonely road from time to time...

My rule of not dating someone just out of a divorce or someone who has just come out of a long relationship is one that I have never broken, until now. When a person comes out of divorce/relationship there is a time for healing, of rediscovery, of rebuilding a life torn apart and no person needs be in the equation. Its that simple, you have to heal. Its not the time for meeting someone and starting up a relationship. Yet when I heard this person was single something refused to listen and now here we are 3 months later, both walking separate ways as the healing must begin. From a distance I cheer you on and will be your biggest fan.

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