Sunday, September 6, 2009

fading away..

Something I shouldn't do, yet in times of hurt, and pain I run to my fortress of solitude and lock the gates behind me. Pausing to unlock doors that keep things restrained, hidden moments and memories that shouldn't be dwelt on. Memories that need remain under lock and key, now released. Tonight my heart is low and I seek solace where I can find it and tonight memories abound. I close my eyes and see you. A forbidden indulgence of the mind and heart and I hold nothing back. Tracing the lines of your face, the sweet embrace, the moment I first met you and time stood still, everything......I spread my arms and eagerly embrace this madness knowing I will regret this betrayal of the senses tomorrow. Reality will once again beckon my return, everything fading away ..

So be it for now.

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