Thursday, July 2, 2009

broken through....

"A gentle tease of the senses. Something forgotten but seen in your eyes. A smile and gentle warmth that radiates deep from within. Though all this, you still and will remain elusive. Maybe its my curse in life to want what I cant have. But for now I indulge myself in your smile and charm. A glance in my direction..realization of something that cant be realized. Dream a dream shall we? The one place where our paths cross and words can be spoken with nothing being kept hidden. Words come easy when not in your presence and boldness abounds, but in your presence I fade like a flower past it's prime.. Who are you?"

All questions from the past being answered raise so many new ones. Senses overwhelmed and I know not which direction to turn. Doubt flees from the truth that's stands so evident before me.

It is you.

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