Tuesday, August 16, 2011

...my illusion.

....wish I had some poetic tapestry to place here tonight but I got nothing. Thoughts, memories almost seem to be in a foreign language and I cant seem to place them in order here tonight. Looking back over entries through the years I seem to have been "all over the road" so to speak. The years have passed as I have met people, wondering who would be the right one for me or had I even met her yet. Also the fact I had found what I was looking for but in the end she said goodbye as I wasn't the choice she sought. Add to this lessons in dating after the age of forty and this has been one insane ride. The thought of being in a house of mirrors occurred to me. Seeing yourself, but you cant tell which way to turn or what path to follow. Everything is identical and there is no clues to follow until your outstretched hand passes through an illusion and you take another step. But are you heading in the right direction? Being we are in plain speak mode tonight lets chat a little. Freedom can be a prison. To much of it isn't good for anyone. I have seen beauty under the heavens as stars said goodbye and the moon gave way to the sun. Hidden glens that few have seen and embraced the rain as it fell across the mountains. Blessed I have been and yet cursed it seems. All this and I remain alone. By choice and not by choice. Still days pass and every so often she passes my way. On a breeze, within a dream or fading memory.

....my illusion.

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