Saturday, August 13, 2011


As the light fades and memories come to play, to remind me of loves lost and mistakes made of goodbyes given I bid them come. Remind me as much as you dare I will learn. No longer can I flee thoughts and ponderings of my past so I stand and endure. Events in motion that will bring change and time will see me anew and refreshed. Yet it is time that holds me still and keeps me waiting until it deems me ready to move on. Winds of August continue to blow but deep inside I feel the cool autumn breeze I so long to awake to. Maybe change wont be so long in coming, but if so I am ready. I have walked alone for many years and I am no stranger to continuing this path and journey. Haunted by someone in a dream that I have no recollection of her identity only a gaze into her eyes and an embrace that still burned after I had awoke to the pain of saying goodbye to a wonderful dreamscape..


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