Saturday, August 6, 2011 in a blur.

...This month has been a blur with corporate photo work and my regular work. Keeping the mind busy has been a good therapy of sorts, but it doesn't give much time for it to keep an eye on the heart, rebellious child that it is. But for now the heart remains quiet, not giving any indications of what its thinking, wanting....nothing but silence. Calming but also disturbing in a way. Ever since being wounded earlier this year its has stopped giving of itself, and in a way it become more and more reclusive. Content to watch and not dare chance contact with the outside world. Cant blame it one bit. I have even given it free reign to see if it needs more freedom of sorts. It stays put watching, not moving, almost not even caring. At a loss of what to do for now save time, patience and the need to keep moving forward. Moving faster and faster it seems with destination unknown in a blur.

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