Thursday, March 10, 2011's time.

...reading over a few entries tonight. Thoughts, memories coming and going at their leisure. Looking back at an entry many years ago. Back in 2004 when I finally realized something about myself, something hidden in plain sight. That beautiful autumn week a wayfarer wasn't only born he finally realized who he was. Always eager to find out what was further down the road, just out of sight, awaiting discovery. I guess I have slowly put away this part of me little by little over the years and replaced it with things not so fulfilling. I need to reconnect with that part of me somehow. I have slowly slipped into a state of mind that's not conducive to happiness, although it has offered the heart some protection, but not what it really needs. Yes I have searched for the elusive someone in my life and have found that they are truly a rare find indeed. I spoke once of the fact that she, whoever it may be, will be by my side one day, but that the journey must be relished with every step. I have forgotten what its like to really be alive while alone, instead I wanted to rely on someone to make me complete. Complete I shall be and I do look forward to the day when I am one with another. But until that day comes there are yet many roads, sunsets and sunrises awaiting my eyes to behold and my soul to embrace.

.it's time.

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