Friday, January 7, 2011


....Images past, slowly flicker into view becoming clear as my eyes and heart adjust. Times over this has happened and events emotions all fall by the wayside and the Wayfarer continues on, searching. Sweet addictions became a dream made flesh and a completion of the journey of my life search. This was the end result sought over and over in this life and nothing but pain and disappointment was the conclusion of such thoughts and hopes....until today. In seeking comes trusting comes a reawakening of sorts and the minds ability to accept and to heal even further. We never know exactly when love begins but we always know when it ends. Having graced the presence of so many faces in search of the same I have become complacent and non expectant of happiness in my life. But when it does pass my way, even for a brief moment in time, I consider it so precious and a gift from God. A respite from the storm and a surfacing for air. Enjoying the sun for the moment, not knowing when it will end. It always has concluded with saying goodbye and the continuing of the search. But with the moments of solace comes a feeling that one day everything will change and there will be no need no more of anything.


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