Monday, December 6, 2010 rescued me, now free me.

A constant that follows me, that haunts me, that appears in a smile when I least expect it. Forever hounded by the feeling of not being good enough or worthy of anything good these days. A heart which keeps time with the ebb and flow of these cold days as they pass ever so slowly. The warmth of an embrace the magic of a kiss, both seem so far away and so removed from my world for now. Compassion, for the time being seems as elusive as you are, where ever you are now. Do you ever grace these writings with your presence? Do you ever wonder what could have been? Years have passed and even though I have had my closure , you still remain in my heart one way or another. Face to face we have met in one way or another. The dreamscapes change each eveningfall but the underlying current is there each time reuniting us over and over again. The wound laid bare, laid open once again. I searched for an answer to a dream and found it that warm March day, in another lifetime. Even until this day I search for what I lost, in the eyes and heart of another... rescued me, now free me.

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