Friday, December 10, 2010

...when love was found.

....sometimes I just sit here, looking at this screen trying to figure out what to say. There are some things, both good and not so good, that just cant be put into words from time to time. Guess tonight is one of those nights. These cold winter days and nights take something from me. The sweet rejuvenation of springtime seems to far away for now, so out of reach. A purgatory of the heart and senses is what it seems like I am going through. Small moments of happiness pass my way and this helps me to continue, allowing me to see whats around the next bend in the road. I added the video below as a reminder to myself that happiness can be found..
Seven years ago I traveled to meet someone special for the first time. The special someone thats the inspiration for this blog. After spending a unforgettable afternoon together we parted company. I, to my hotel room and she, to her home. We had planned to meet later for dinner. I turned on the TV and this video was just starting to play. I starting watching it and I just broke down...Tears I never knew I had just flowed..My new day had came and I had been touched by an angel...

....when love was found.

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