Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thank you readers!!!

Just a thanks to the many readers who stop by and ponder the things left here by me. I realize it seems that I live a painful life but on the contrary I am pretty happy fellow..LOL! Replaying past moments in my life and learning from them (for the most part)..Saying goodbye is never an easy thing to do when two people loved each other. As time goes on we all seek that peace, the peace that comes from healing, then as time allows a rebuilding and then one day meeting the special someone that answers all the questions left from the past and for the future. Me? I am somewhere in the healing part yet awaiting the special someone or it seems that way. Mind you most of my writings have multiple meanings and sometimes what you think you might read and understand has a total meaning about something totally different. If you are a memory that has graced my presence and think an entry is about you, well you might be surprised to find the opposite is true. Complex and yet simple sometimes what you see is what you get.....sometimes..But thank you all for stopping by and reading the pondering and rantings of someone with to much on his mind and probably had to much coffee..

Thank you all!!!

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