Thursday, September 23, 2010


I have got to learn to trust people once again. Cant go through life suspicious of everyone that wants to get close to me or get to know me a little better. Give someone a chance? Tired of the wrongs in life that seem to find their way to my doorstep. I spend more time listening to others that have hurt and pain in their lives and I have nothing left for mine. I am sounding like a basket case here and with that I must laugh. I do have much to be appreciative of. I am very blessed and thankful. Its a trying time for me and i am not doing well in it. Really there is much happiness in my life its just not in the relationship area. I know, I know she will come along when your not looking for her..Well I am not dating to much now and pretty well wrote off finding her. So with that being said she should be coming along at any moment!


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