Tuesday, July 6, 2010


...closure comes in many forms. Today mine came while helping a total stranger. He was involved with a young woman I almost married a year ago. Thought I had found my forever after all this time. Turns out she wasn't forever and was pure evil. I had no idea to what level until a phone call today opened my eyes. A gentleman had called me at the urging of a mutual friend. He had been dating her and had some questions as things just weren't adding up. After a hour long conversations and others throughout the afternoon, I found out that I was played during our time together.....and played very well at that. As a matter of fact I was one in a long line of guys she worked her way through. Bad choice on my part eh? Maybe, but when played by a master, all bets are off. Right things said, everything was perfect. Until the evilness within reared its ugly head and I made haste was made to escape. But not without injury to me..deep. I questioned everything I had done, maybe doing it differently, reliving it over and over in my mind.

And now?

For some reason I feel totally free and a final burden lifted. Vindication? Yes...I wasn't the bad guy and now its known by all.... "Vengeance is mine saith the Lord"...sister he wasnt kidding was he...

Now lets move with a life shall we?

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