Saturday, July 24, 2010


...being on the road with company photography work these last two weeks has been a blur of scenes and faces. And now I see that it will not end this month but carry into late August. While this is great as it helps get ahead on bills, I am so wanting and needing to hit the road and disappear for a while. The downside is that we are heading into August and the heat is unbearable right now. Not much fun when its 98+ degrees and your trying to shoot pics but sweating like crazy. The good thing though is that September is just around the corner. I always eagerly await the first time we get into the 50's during the overnight hours. Last year on September 20th we dropped into those temps and it was wonderful. The expectation of the cooler weather is a tease to the senses and I love it. My favorite time of year...

Why am I babbling on about all this? Restless in the mind and spirit I suppose. Somehow I feel something is coming my way and I haven't a clue to what it is. Yet there is an eagerness, warm pleasant anticipation in it as well. Maybe its just me looking forward to roaming the back roads of the mountains far away and out of sight. Perhaps, but maybe its just memories that want to come to play once again. For now they seem like a long lost friend to this tired mind..if only for a moment let the warmth of what could have been soothe my weary spirit and offer encouragement to what can happen to the heart when the time is right and God smiles upon me.

If only for a moment let me enjoy what it was like when someone said hello and not goodbye..

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