Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Where to now? So many things running the hallways of the mind when choices and chances are offered. Its a wonderful feeling to be able to open ones heart, to be able to love freely. I still stand amazed at the freedom given me. I didn't realize how heavy the chains had become over time. I realize too that this is a vulnerable time for me. Far easier to fall into the wrong as I need to wait for the right. So what is the right or should I say the right one? I do wonder who the right one is for me. I didn't trust my heart once but now with all outside interference gone and past memories laid to rest its amazing at how clear everything is. The mind and heart must work together and I see this for the first time in my life. So days go by and while I am happy I do wish for the answer to my prayers to come into my life. Patience is the hardest part, but for a happy ending and new beginning its well worth the wait.

..what dreams may come......

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