Thursday, February 25, 2010


Closure in any form, from any direction, using who he sees fit to be the vessel to deliver the message is a blessing for the soul and the heart. Today from literally out of the blue I was granted that chance, that one chance to close a wound that refused to heal for 7 years. I really have to say a wound I refused to let heal. I have never waxed religious on my posts as I prefer to let the reader enjoy whats before them but today, in my life, God let his power be shown. He allowed my closure without ever uttering a single word to the other person. Something only he can do. I have been guilty of pursuing something, that special someone, but using a past memory of happiness as a measuring stick. This has been unfair to anyone trying to be a part of my life. In my use of past memories in my entries I have inadvertently brought this person along for the ride. The feelings, the love I found, the pureness in it all was what I have tried to convey, but I was really just holding on to her. Not wanting the reunion but instead reliving memories over and over, because it was safe and familiar and it was all that I had to create a small portion of happiness in my heart. while memories are wonderful they took up space that God needed for someone else to be placed into. Has it happened yet? No..Will it? Yes! Sure there will be days when I get discouraged and down and writings will drift to the lonely side of the shore, but it will not be due to what I lost long ago. Just as I said goodbye years ago, someone will say hello and a wondrous journey will begin. Today shackles fell from a captive and light shown throughout a weary heart. Today a heart begins anew. its a big world out there...Where to next!!

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