Tuesday, January 26, 2010


When someone you care for walks away, for whatever the reason it leaves a hole in your heart. The more you care, the deeper the abyss..There is a quietness or stillness that follows. Slowly the mind begins the task of trying to analyze, regroup, comprehend "why." Most of the times we know the "Why" but we still replay the whole thing over and over trying to find a flaw to hold responsible or what we could have, should have done. It hurts to have someone in your heart but not being able to have them in your embrace. No matter what you do the emptiness remains.

A storm is coming and its of my own making. Bracing for its arrival. One way or another it will bring about an end. I once said "wanted or not, needed or not, there will not be a next time." I never said this within my heart but tonight realizations have set in that I now have. Some battles you just cant win and never were meant too. Sometimes its not even your fight to begin with. So for now I wait..

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