Tuesday, January 5, 2010

no easy way..

Questions raised, places the heart best not be in. But to no avail it is done and past thoughts and memories come to prey upon the weak. No one to blame but myself. Slowly wearing myself away and scarcity of my being needs begin with you. I tried and died a thousand times over with no remorse for my actions or feelings but with one gentle push away I am torn asunder. My wounds will someday heal and my lessons of loving someone who refuses to be loved will be remembered. Minutes into hours into yesterday and now I am out of time. Reminded of what I have not and never will. My choice to have created this pursuit and the outcome was never really in doubt was it? But the heart must know for its own closure.. clear, pure and simple. But now?

Wanted or not, needed or not.. there will not be a next time.

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