Sunday, November 1, 2009

thoughts turning inward..

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been on vacation for a week and will be heading back home in the morning. This trip for photography was very relaxing. It was nice to do nothing, have no schedule but that of my own making. Met up with old friends and met new friends as well. For the most part it was me alone, roaming back roads, looking for pictures, thinking and pondering my future as I so often do on these trips. Nice to clear the head from time to time. This time I get to see many happy faces and look within myself. I am happy, content, but yet there is a big hole in my heart. I try to cover it up, ignore it, live with it, deal with it..Sometimes you just stare at it..It ain't going anywhere, you just wonder when it will be filled. I know it will be filled one day and I am looking forward to it, its just that sometimes a hug goes a long way when there is someone there to give and receive one in return. Sometimes that's all a person wants...Some days are harder than others..some days you wonder when you will get your happy ending.

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