Thursday, August 20, 2009

so quiet...

...voices carry.
The heart whispers and images pass before me. Wondering what it means. Memories come back to play in an empty heart. Hurt created by the opening of a places too quickly and much too deep. Not giving time for all to be revealed. While time has moved me on I wonder am I in need of healing from all this. The thought causes me pause, to rethink. Nothing has been the same since the event, yet I journeyed on as if nothing ever happened. Has this "injury" of the heart finally caught up with me and brought me low? I can't find it in me to move forward as nothing seems familiar anymore. This makes me very uneasy as it's something I cant control and is not like me to not be able to shrug off such. The last time this was felt, endured, was many years ago and was one of my roughest times in my life. Why? Why did I make this mistake? For now I hesitate to trust my judgment. The heart cant be trusted and the mind offers no rebuttal against anything now. I seem to now stand alone... That seems to be the common denominator these past years. Maybe I am better off alone....Maybe, but dreams say otherwise.

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