Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Once again eh?

Is it that words cant convey the true meaning or intent of my feelings? Seems that "Don't contact me anymore" or maybe "Stay out of my life" might be a little difficult for you to grasp. An alien concept to you apparently. You taught me many things in our time together. Mainly, the fact that someone could be so vicious and plain evil to innocent people. Now you contact me as what was to be our special day as it came and passed, to let me know you thought of me. As I still pick through the debris you left behind just let me be as nice as I can when I say this.."Just go away". "I Don't care"....really I don't. "It's over and has been". "Seek help". "Find another victim". "Find a hobby". See where I am going with this? You really need to just go........ I'm already gone..

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