Sunday, June 28, 2009

Afraid that you will vanish with the breaking of the day, when dreams fade from reality to memory. But now for the first time since these meetings began some eleven years ago in my dreams, you stand before me, looking into my eyes and into my heart. A dream made flesh and full of life and love. The answer I have waited and wanted for, for so long really did exist.

So many mistakes I have made. Confusing lust for love, doubting I really knew what love was. Now questioning my own judgment and afraid to continue. Afraid. Doubting myself, doubting everyone and everything. Truths that quickly unraveled, lies hidden in plain sight. All this being contended with and now you. I wasn't looking for you, I wasn't looking for anyone, nor did I want anyone anymore. The words so softly spoken.. "I understand"..... a time for healing has come..

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