Sunday, January 25, 2009

my apologies...

Been in a low grade funk for a little while. I don't mean to bring across as that I am on the verge of being committed to the loony bin, but then again that would give a me a chance for some interesting pictures. LOL!! Sometimes i just sit here and think and listen to music through my headphones and start writing. Sometimes this is a bad combination.. So I hold accountable as well as blame everything on Barry Manilow!! ;-)
Thoughts of "why" and "what if" come and go as does the feelings of being divorced. A dream during the night can leave you with the feelings of encouragement, elation, loneliness or disappointment. I feel inside me that there is a time of breakthrough of realization of something wonderful just ahead or in store for me in my future. I have felt this for sometime and as the days pass and it doesn't materialize it gets disheartening. But I need to concentrate more on the journey and less on the destination for now.

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