Sunday, August 31, 2008

and then...

Days go by and still I think of you. Wondering what your doing and what you have been up to. Its been a while since we were together and you still hold a part of me captive even though I seek no escape. My last memory of us walking down by a mountain river, its name I cant recall. You laughter still rings in my ears as I sit here tonight. You smile at me and and I cant take my eyes of of you. You every movement captivates my senses and I am helpless. Watching the sun set and holding you, there are no need for words. Just the need to hold you close, secure having finally found you...

Sunrise finds us watching it from from a clearing beside a field as the mist slowly moves ever so slowly with the awakening day. I have never been happier more content in my life. We begin to walk slowly and you turn to me and I watch the light catch your features and am humbled...your words never are understood as......... I awake to find myself staring at the ceiling once again. Another dream to contimplate

Who are you? Where are you?
It would be a lot easier to know that I have seen this person in my life. Fact is I have no idea who she is but she shows up in my dreams. I really cant remember what her face looks like even though I have seen it countless dreams.... I know..How can I know how beautiful someone is if I cant remember what they looked like. (If you understand this blog I need not answer that question..)

We are always walking through some beautiful setting and I am in awe at her beauty, both inside and out. I have so much to say to her and she is always telling me something, yet I cant remember our conversations. A lot of the dreams end with her vanishing and me looking for her or continuing on in search of her. It seems the sun is always setting in the sky when this search begins. It seems there is always mountains involved as well. I don't know if the location has anything to do with it or not. Its not someone I have dated in my past. How can i be so sure?

These dreams began in 1997.....11 years ago.

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