Wednesday, July 9, 2008

and finally you....

I see the pictures of happiness that embraces you so well now. A perfect fit finally for someone who has endured so much heartache. For this I am happy for you. Once again I find myself in the position of having offered help to someone while secretly wishing it was me that was the desired one, but I can never be in the equation as a friends happiness is paramount in my life. I cant be selfish in this respect and hope this will be rewarded one day in my life. For now it's my lot in life to help others and I shall not shirk this duty as a friend. Now that your joy is complete it will grow each day and become the foundation you shall build on. I can only watch from the wings truly happy in knowing this but still the bittersweet moment shall always be around. He must and will increase and I must decrease. Time will bid you even more happiness.

As for me? For a few brief moments one summer evening I saw into eyes of true happiness set aside for another. Dare I dream that the same waits for me somewhere in time. Thoughts of this nature help me to endure a little longer..

Thank you "Boo"

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