Monday, May 26, 2008


When does a life begin to put itself back together? Sometimes I believe its even before the trouble and trials are over, as we become stronger. Where shall a beginning be made. Do we have any say in this matter. Time, the mind and the heart. Some unseen, unspoken signal that starts the journey anew? When do you wake up, ready to take a chance again? Just wondering these things as time is moving, albeit slowly. Taking this time to look, learn and examine closely the center of this tempest. Myself. Where am I headed now? I do not really know. Taking these small steps as my new legs gain strength. Determination. Not to repeat the same mistakes from another lifetime. Somethings though, I have brought with me on this journey. Lessons learned. Some roads less traveled will undoubtedly be traveled, as some still contain that spice of life. But in the end all must and will be left in the wake of my mind, to move forward and into this new day..

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