Sunday, May 18, 2008

for now..

At times ready to soar and live life to the fullest, at other times wondering how in the world I am back to where I started from. Once I sought the hand of another to accompany me through this unfamiliar landscape. Now? I relearn how to listen and understand this constant chatter between heart, soul and mind. Once I thought I found something to build on, to start over anew. Strange how it is just the opposite as I see how blind and foolish I really was to believe such things. Life goes on and more lessons are learned and forgotten as this endless cycle carries on. The fire within still burns but for now I just want to feel the wind and the sting of rain on my face. Seeking and finding my pieces of solitude in everyday things....

Names have been signed. All is complete. All is waiting on a gentleman to tell me something that I have known for a long time.....that its over. Then the journey will begin all over again..Hope for the future.

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