Friday, January 11, 2008


Sitting here trying to find the right words, trying to fill all the holes with some sense. Words not coming easily tonight, thinking that something is amiss. Not wanting to rely on the past to create a future here. Wanting something special but still not ready for it. Purgatory for the heart. Pulled in directions where no destination will suffice. Watching each day come and go and wondering if I am making any headway in this battle. Sometimes all a person can see is the moment. Sometimes this moment can last forever. Why cant I move on? Sometimes I curse the day we met and then sometimes I cant see me never having met you. Replaying my past over and over. There really is no closure is there. You will come and go at a dreams whim, any time you see fit. All I can do is close my eyes and await your embrace. For across this dreamscape you still love me and I need no more. I feel free and think all is behind me and then with the most subtle breeze you whisper my name, cutting me to the core. Beauty stands before me but still you overshadow all. So many words were left unspoken....but were they really? All had been said and done. I was the one to say goodbye. Is this why you will not fade into a mere memory? All this sweet agony from a blue eyed girl from North Georgia.

To love with reckless abandon and to have that love returned, but for now I cannot have this as I am unready as well as unworthy.

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