Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Hoping. Somewhere you are there and still remember. When love was new and each other was all we needed. Time stood still as long as it dared and envied us. Standing now empty within, searching for the solace that we all desire. Given by a touch or just a passing glance with a smile. Hope stands alone, but remains true to itself. Waiting patiently while inside I die a little each day. I have held you and needed for nothing. I have watched you sleep and seen you smile. You captured me with a mere look in my direction and I found myself weak, unable and unwilling to move. Time passes so quickly for those truly in love but so bitterly slow for those in search of the elusive. Having had something so precious and letting it go, I deserve no second chance. Along this line of thought my heart echoes the same sentiment. Why? Afraid of happiness? A lack of fortitude within? You don't really realize what you have until you lose it. Sadly sometimes you don't get that second chance to prove you are ready and ready to prove yourself worthy. Perhaps with that little piece of me that dies within I prepare myself to be reborn when the time comes. Yes,.....when the time comes. It all comes back to having hope.

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