Friday, December 21, 2007


I never saw you but your presence was felt. You were not invited but in my mind, into my dream you strayed. For the rest of the night you stayed. I step back in time as if i really had any choice. You tell me of everything I let go and now, tonight, everything that could have been mine. What have I to fight back with? Memories? Enduring the truth. Betrayed more by myself for trusting in such madness. There is something more to than this than what you are willing to tell me or allowing me to feel. The closer I come to realization the greater my punishment? Is this why you so coldly remind me that I was the one who said goodbye? So much said with one word being spoken. Which burns all the more? The fire or the ice? You are to be overcome but for now the strength is not to be found within myself.....but one day, yes one day.

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