Tuesday, November 9, 2021



"You were the shadow to my light, did you feel us? Another start, you fade away. Afraid our aim is out of sight, wanna see us, alight"...

Where are you now...

Was it all in my fantasy, 

Where are you now, 

Were you only imaginary.

So lost....

I'm fading......

Alan Walker "Faded"


How the heart remembers, how it idealizes someone, the moment, every moment, the love it clung ever so tightly to and now looks back having a forced moment of clarity. A difficult reconciling in how it felt back then to now...recognizing its denial and that time is what it is, gone.  

Memories passing by. "Was it all in my fantasy, were you imaginary"
With a gentle goodbye it comes to an end, the heart being silent and the mind begins the process of sorting through the emotions, memories, slowly filing away and locking away every piece it collects. Finality starts a new thread, a new line of thought. A slow healing will begin eventually, but for now the realization, doubt, that maybe it was all in my mind, but the heart still yearned for how it felt once, what it wanted now. The mind, knowing the price to be paid would be quick and painful, can only stand and watch not wanting to accept that it could've possibly intervened. The heart being addicted to the emotions it felt then and wanting yet again hoping that the other also felt something special. Time brings more clarity, going from all things anew to slowly being faded and with this a healing begins.  

"I'm letting go, a deeper dive".

The mind now simply sits quietly, taking in everything and is lost for now.




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