Monday, December 31, 2018

...once and again.

...I don't post much as I once did. Twenty years have brought so many changes in my life. "Blessed' is an understatement of sorts. Easy for me to get distracted by past events in my life but slowly seeing a much bigger picture now. 2019 is a few hours a way followed by a birthday marking 51 solar cycles here on earth. Gone is the love struck thirty something idealist of true love, and the adventure of finding "the one" that goes along with it. Twenty years and this blog is still here and so am I. Still here sitting in front of a screen thinking and typing. Not that that there wasn't joy and happiness during this time. There was, prices paid and lessons learned. Now realizing that I didn't know as much as what I thought I did and that people aren't what they seem to be sometimes. I have been to the edge of the abyss and walked back, knowing its not the answer. Within all this so many memories with tears and smiles to go with each. 2018 has been a year of change for me and I can say for the better. Wishing I could go back and change so much, a smile here and an many apologies there. Turning 51 isn't about wondering "if i still got it", its all about having whats needful and being humble, thankful and content with what I have. 

Happy New year...once and again. 

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