Thursday, November 9, 2017 way to find out.

...time passes and a month already gone since my last entry. Behind me is almost a thousand miles of back roads and new memories made, all seen and felt in one week. It was good to get out and rediscover places so familiar and dear. Tonight I sit thinking about me, about how I have tried to hold on to so much that needs to be let go. Now, more and more is being let go. Looking back over my past writings and wondering what has changed as the feeling is very different. Far removed from what it was only 2 short years ago. Jaded, Hurt, Failure, selfishness, all these descriptions come to mind. While riding through the mountains of Tennessee it was a welcome feeling to feel the "old me" slowly reappear. Being that man from the past years, with his cameras, and that feeling That I could rule the world or so it seemed. Looking for and getting the shots I sought for. The wayfarer I once was and was now again for the first time in a long time. New memories being made, landscapes rediscovered and for once all was right in my world. The weather ever changing and matching my mood and thoughts. Watching the rain gently fall across the Blue Ridge, fog creeping down the mountains towards me in the valley as if to welcome a long lost friend. It's embrace only a photographer can understand. Silently waiting for the evening to arrive as the clouds clear and I am under a blanket of stars with a moon, standing on a back road shooting the heavens as the chill of autumn seeps into me and with it a long sought clarity at last. Days pass as do the miles. Friendly faces, new made friends and life behind the lens is lived one click at the time. I have been mistaken in my reasoning of my inability to move forward. After this much needed trip I see I am doing fine. I am just going about this journey the right way now, not as before. Still a Wayfarer and still in a Wayfarers journey. As for the future. She is out there. But its not up to me to bring about this meeting. Time, patience and a higher power will work their perfect work. Till then? Where does this new back road go way to find out.   

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