Sunday, September 17, 2017

...counting the days.

Another evening and I sit in front of my computer. Staring at the keyboard and letting the mind take the reins and see where it may lead. Eagerly awaiting the cool autumn chill ahead as it always seems to awaken the senses and help the mind clear. Looking at the last entry and see that 4 weeks have since passed and for the better. My road trip did me much good. Watching the miles pass and slowly bit by bit, around each curve and hill a little piece of me was found. Memories pondered others finally laid to rest. Sometimes forgotten back roads make the best friends. Looking forward for another chance to once again visit long lost roads and under the color of Fall. Healing one step, one moment at a time. Memories come to visit at eveningfall, but I am not ready. Yet alone and still numb. Perhaps one day this will change but for now I concentrate and the journey and not destination. 

.....For now just counting the days.

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